Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Cannot be returned or exchanged. If
there is a problem with your order, please contact us within 3 days of receipt of package
and we will do all we can to make it right. Photos of products in question must be supplied if
requested from BeScented. All inquires must be sent by email on the contact page of the
website. Messages sent via Facebook may not be responded to. BeScented offers no
warrantees, written or implied for anything we sell. BeScented is not responsible for
products you create using our supplies. Customers are responsible for testing our supplies
in your recipes for compatibility and safeness. BeScented is not responsible for any errors
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change our prices at any time without notification.

Once an order is placed we are not able to make any modifications or cancelations to
orders, so that we can ship everyone’s orders out in a timely manner. Our credit card
processor does not give us credits or refunds once you have placed an order. In the event,
we make an unusual decision to allow cancelation of an order, you will be subject to a $5
restocking fee to cover the fees and labor involved in packing your order, restocking, and
adjusting website inventory.

Disclaimer: BeScented.com LLC does not offer finished products. What we do offer is
custom fragrances through duplications, creations, or modifications created, manufactured
and purchased from our supplier for use in finished products. Product names, brands, and
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Reward’s Program: Free Rewards Items are based on availability at the time of your order.
The rewards program may be discontinued without notice. The items offered as free
rewards may change without notice. If you DO NOT add the items to your order before you
check out, WE CANNOT add them to your order after the fact. This helps us be efficient in
shipping EVERYONE’S orders and keeps inventory accurate. If you are able to hack or
bypass the rewards program and you order items that are not earned by your order, we
reserve the right to only ship what you have earned.