Shipping and Returns

Shipping cost refunds will be provided under certain conditions.


We do our best to estimate shipping on our website, should the website overcharge you for shipping, we will refund you via Paypal. Likewise, if the shipping billed by the website is less than the actual shipping charges, we will bill you for the difference.


BeScented’s International Shipping Policy (shipping outside of the continental United States) BeScented can ship internationally. Our website is not able to accurately calculate shipping rates because of flashpoints. If you order is going on a plane (this does include the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Military addresses), all of your fragrance and essential oil flashpoints MUST be 200 degrees or above. We CANNOT make exceptions to this policy. Once you place your order, we will pack and calculate shipping and invoice you the difference. Unfortunately, due to the time it takes to pack an order and prepare the shipping (customs paperwork), we are unable to prepare shipping quotes prior to an order being placed. Please be assured that we will ship your order in the most economical method available and we do not markup shipping charges (make a profit on it). We are sensitive to international shipping costs on our customers’ end. You will be billed the actual shipping charges once your order has been packaged. Due to the extra time required to securely package your order and fill out customs paperwork, should you decide to NOT pay the shipping charges, you will be subject to a 50% restocking fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. We recognize this policy is not convenient for certain customers. The customer is responsible for paying any and all customs charges. Shipping to Canada. Heavy orders or orders containing fragrances with flashpoints under 200 MUST go UPS ground. Smaller orders or orders containing fragrances with flashpoints over 200 can go USPS..


If you refuse a package, shipping is non-refundable and your product will be destroyed. No one wants to be sold a returned product. Absolutely no refunds.


Should there be a problem with your order, please contact us and we will make it right.