White Soap Dish Soap Saver (2 pack)


Your customers will love these soap savers!  Great markup for reselling, free gift with purchase or gift sets.

These soap savers are designed to help handcrafted bar soap drain properly between uses, extending the life of your amazing soap. No more melted, soggy soaps!

These are sold in sets of 2. Each package will contain 2 dishes. If you purchase a pack of 12 you will receive 6 packs of 2. If ordering 1 you will get 2 in your order. If ordering a set of 24 you will receive 12 sets of 2.


Size 11 x 7 cm (4.33 x 2.75 inches)


Additional information

Weight N/A

1 pack of 2, 12 (6-2 packs), 24 (12-2 packs)


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