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The Comforter type by Lush Fragrance Oil

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(5 customer reviews)

Orange, bergamot, soft floral tones, clove & cinnamon with a splash of patchouli, topped off by a touch of vanilla and musk.

A Note On Discontinued Fragrances

Consumers preferences are always changing and BeScented is committed to offering favorite staples and new and exciting fragrances! We find some fragrances lose favor and we want to save space and resources for keeping your favorites and new fragrances in stock.

90% of our discontinued fragrances can still be special ordered, with a 10 lb minimum. To get a price quote, please email us @ If there is enough demand, we may bring back certain fragrances with limited availability.


Flashpoint: 193
Phthalate Free: Y
Vanillin: N

No acceleration or discolor in cold process soap. Please watch the testing video on our YouTube channel to see how this fragrance performs in cold process soap.

Lip: 0%
Lotion: 6.67%
Soap: 6.67%

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16oz, 8oz, 2oz

5 reviews for The Comforter type by Lush Fragrance Oil

  1. rosazerkle

    This scent leans quite masculine, in my opinion. I think it smells quite like licorice, with some hints of patchouli- it’s quite earthy. Performance wise, it pours great.

  2. janetmarsters

    Very earthy scent, I feel it could easily be unisex. I found this to be a very interesting scent that when I first smelled it I was unsure if I liked it. (Not a big fan of patchouli.) However, it has grown on me and I now find it quite pleasant and for lack of a better word ” comforting”. I would recommend it to anyone who likes complex earthy fragrances. I will buy it again.

  3. janetmarsters

    UPDATE: Just bought my second 16 oz bottle of this fragrance and I have to say that it has become one of my favorite scents. I cant walk by my soap without picking it up to smell. I love it by itself so I decided to mix it with Bay rum ( another of my favorites) and was so amazed with the depth of the fragrances and the way they compliment each other that this new combination will be one of my signature men’s fragrances for fall and winter.

  4. baileygurl78

    I did not like this one OOB. I personally don’t think it smells like Lush’s Comforter. However that being said I love the smell of this soaped. It is one of those scents that grow on you and before you know it you accidently used up all your samples and are now using bars you wanted to sell. OOPs. I guess now I need to buy a large size.

  5. micapa5 (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. True to it’s name, a really comforting scent. A best seller!

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