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Tussah Silk


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For the great luxurious silky feel in your soaps be sure to add our Tussah silk!

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Tussah silk, which is actually a protein produced by the silkworm, will quickly dissolve into your lye water. For a 5 pound batch, a cotton ball sized amount is all you need. Our Tussah silk is cruelty free as the fibers are collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged.

Your soap will have a more shiny appearance and have a general luxurious “silky” feeling to it. The silk has a nice slip to the soap and increased lather. Not to mention, “silk” adds to your label appeal! Talk about luxury!

To see how to dissolve silk in your lye water, watch this brief video on YT:

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Bamboo Silk, Tussah Silk


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4 reviews for Tussah Silk

  1. centralvalleysoap

    I purchased the tussah silk. My soaps have been so nice since I started using it. It’s really hard to put my finger on what exactly is different. My soap is more creamy for sure, has a little more luster. It’s just the overall feeling of my silk soap as opposed to the old. I highly recommend. Just make sure to strain your lye well. Because this is cruelty free, there is some plant matter still in the fibers.

  2. shannonrober90 (verified owner)

    I have tried every suggestion possible to get this silk to dissolve in my lye water. I’ve stretched it, cut into very fine pieces, soaked in distilled water that lye will be added to over night, then added lye and stirred until it appears to be dissolved. No matter what I try it ends up being a clear gel that never leaves my strainer. I soap no higher than 82 degrees F. Since I’ve tried everything suggested by the BeScented Facebook group with no luck. I’m giving 2 stars because it just does not dissolve for me.

    • Be Scented

      Is this for the Tussah silk or the Bamboo Silk? I dont think the Bamboo ever completely dissolves, but nevertheless just a small amount is needed to enhance your soap. Hope you try the other silk to see if it better suits your needs.

  3. k_trodglen (verified owner)

    YAAAAAY!!! Bought this tussah silk a few weeks ago, after I’d bought a large bag of tussah silk from a seller on eBay. The eBay tussah silk I highly doubt actually is tussah silk, as it does NOT dissolve at all, resulting in long strands of “hair” in the soap I used it in. Tried straining it next time when I poured the lye water into my oils and all the hairs/fibers were in the strainer. Scraped them out of my strainer and pulled on them and they were just as solid as when I’d added them to the lye water. Bought this tussah silk from BeScented and tried it in the soap I made today. WOW! What a difference. Nothing left in my strainer! 🙂 Completely dissolved. Will be looking forward to feeling the difference when my soap has cured! Thank you! 🙂 <3
    Question: Can I use the tussah silk in HP soap too?
    Kathleen // "Solani" in Canada

    • Jennifer Ward

      Hi Kathleen, You can use the silk in HP soap as long as you dissolve it in your lye water just like you do when making CP soap. Thanks for your purchase and we are glad you like the silk.

  4. Geraldine Sorrentini (verified owner)

    Honestly since I started to used this, I love how my soaps turn out. They are silky smooth & every single bar looks amazing! ? Really recommends this product ?

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