Laurel Berry Oil


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Laurel Berry oil is pale yellow, greenish yellow, or olive green; spicy and warm aroma.

Sap Value: 0.141


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Laurel Berry Oil contains strong antibacterial properties and widely used in Middle Eastern cultures for skin and hair problems such as acne, Dry skin, Eczema, Rashes, Psoriasis, Rosacea, fungal infections and Arthritis.
Shelf life of 2 years after purchase.  Do not apply directly to your skin.  The oil is intended to be used at 30-40% in cold or hot process soap.

This IS NOT Laurel Berry Essential Oil. Laurel Berry is a base oil used in making Aleppo Soap. Use “Laurel Fruit Oil” in soap calc when formulating your recipe.

This oil is sold by volume, not weight.

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Laurel Berry Oil – MSDS

How to make Aleppo (Inspired) soap Video

Aleppo inspired soap recipe

70% Olive Oil

30% Laurel Berry Oil

5% superfat.

Aleppo Soap Inspired Soap Recipe

15 reviews for Laurel Berry Oil

  1. Heather

    Beautiful, earthy scent. Amazing properties, as the description says. Highly recommended!

  2. canarydiamond68

    Love this oil… I made my first batch of soap with it and the aroma is indeed unique. Warm, earthy, and spicy like black pepper. Shipping was also quick which is very important to me. Google about this oil, it’s very interesting. This is NOT the essential oil, so be careful in your search.

  3. eacasey

    Love this stuff. Smells just like it should, a spicy, raw earth, mediterranean scent. Like nature’s perfume, rather than aroma chemicals.

  4. lklebs1

    This oil is fantastic. Some people don’t like the earthy scent but I found it quite nice. It performed very nicely in my Aleppo style soap.

  5. laurasidor

    My new favorite oil to make my new favorite soap…This oil smells so warm, spicy and almost smoky. I love it! Smells delicious in my Aleppo Soap.

  6. Soap Maker 5

    Thanks for the fast delivery! This is a very high quality laurel oil! I just made my first batch using salt water… looking forward to curing for 9 months +

  7. Em79

    Love this exotic oil. My soaping was complete when i finally was able to purchase this oil to make my aleppo soap . Coming from Syria and being raised with this soap i know its one of the best soaps in the world but being in australia hard to source this oil.Thanks Jenny for stocking it its a brillant oil not only to use in soap but for my eczema and psoriasis balms .

  8. Johnny Chambers (verified owner)

    I just got my Laurel Berry oil in today. Smells very earthy. I went straight to my soaping corner. Had my recipe figured out since I ordered it. I did a 25%laurel berry oil and 75% olive oil. Debated over H.P. or C.P. The C.P. won. It is in gel mode right now. I may go ahead and do a 3Lb. batch H.P. Thanks for stocking this oil. I do no like to order from ebay or amazon. I know where to get this oil now.

  9. gabrielesmist (verified owner)

    Love Love Love This Oil!!!!!!!! The Smell Is Wonderful And behaves Really Nice In CP And HP Soap!!!

  10. coachkorpi (verified owner)

    Just received my order a few days sooner than originally expected! Great earthy smell, almost like upturned moss in the coast range of Oregon!! Can’t wait to mix up another batch of soap. Scent is much better than the LBO that you get from Am@=*n, and also at a better price per oz!!

  11. Soapaleppo42

    I had ordered to give a try from this seller. The product should’ve been thick not liquid. Mine was liquidy it’s seems like defected batch. I emailed the company never got respond. I don’t recommend this seller. At least respond to your customers.

    • Jennifer Ward

      Hello, we appreciate your review. The laurel berry oil will be liquid if the temp is above 70 degrees. Any temp below that it becomes solid. It is not defected but perfectly fine and will need to be warmed well to get it all out of the bottle. We looked but did not receive a email concerning the product. We would have responded.

  12. Soapalepo42 (verified owner)

    I did resend another email. Mine and my sisters were stored in the same room temperature hers were thicker as yogurt. Hers was from a different supplier.

    • Jennifer Ward

      We responded to your email. Thank you for resending.

  13. CostaCalifornica (verified owner)

    The price was very reasonable and arrived as fast as Amazon if not faster.

  14. Tracy Soennichsen (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product! Price is great and my order was sent right away. I’m definitely ordering more.

  15. sealedbynature (verified owner)

    I made Aleppo soap with this. Beautiful natural, earthy scent. Worked beautifully.

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