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Bum Bum* Fragrance Oil


(7 customer reviews)
Bum Bum Fragrance Oil is an addictive scent like your favorite tropical vacation – a sweet, warm blend of açai, coconut, tonka bean, sandalwood and exotic musk.
TOP: pistachio, almond
MID: heliotrope, jasmine petals
DRY: vanilla, salted caramel, sandalwood

* Compare our fragrance to Brazilian Bum Bum® by Sol de Janeiro.
* BeScented is not affiliated or associated with Sol de Janeiro.




An addictive scent like a tropical vacation – a blend of açai, coconut, tonka bean, sandalwood and exotic musk.
TOP: pistachio, almond
MID: heliotrope, jasmine petals
DRY: vanilla, salted caramel, sandalwood
  • Flashpoint: 218
  • Phthalate Free: Y
  • Vanillin: 0%
  • Ethyl Vanillin: 2.5%

No ricing, some acceleration in cold process soap. Scent is light after cure in cold process soap. Yellow discoloration after 4 weeks. Fragrance was tested using 1 ounce in 2 lbs of soap.

BeScented’s Premium Fragrance Oils are strong and concentrated. Can be used in cold process soap, hot process soap, reed diffusers, melt and pour soap, bath bombs, lotions, scrubs, candles, wax melts. Please follow the below IFRA guidelines for proper usage rates.

*Fragrances are sold by weight, not volume. Fill levels will vary amongst different fragrances.

*If you have not used this fragrance before from us, we recommend purchasing the 2 oz sample size, as fragrance oils are not returnable for any reason.

*Fragrances should not be applied directly to the skin for any reason. They must be diluted in a finished product before use.

*It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance by conducting all necessary tests.

This is to confirm that the subject fragrance is composed of aroma chemicals, natural essential oils and other functional components in compliance with the most recent guidelines published by I.F.R.A. (International Fragrance Association). 51st amendment published on June 2023. The IFRA standards are based on safety assessments Fragrance Materials).


  • Category 1: 0%
  • Category 2: 4.60%
  • Category 3: 4.0%
  • Category 4: 86.0%
  • Category 5A: 6.0%
  • Category 5B: 5.0%
  • Category 5C: 5.0%
  • Category 5D: 1.70%
  • Category 6: 0%
  • Category 7A: 4.0%
  • Category 7B: 4.0%
  • Category 8: 1.70%
  • Category 9: 10.0%
  • Category 10A: 10.0%
  • Category 10B: 63.0%
  • Category 11A: 1.70%
  • Category 11B: 1.70%
  • Category 12: 100%

IFRA Class
Class / Category description of products

  • 1. Lip Products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, clear or colored, etc.); Childrens toys.
  • 2. Deodorant and antiperspirant products of all types including any product with intended or reasonably foreseeable use on the axillae or labelled as such (spray, stick, roll-on, under-arm, deo-cologne, etc.) Body sprays (including body mist).
  • 3. Eye products of all types (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eye make-up, eye masks, eye pillows, etc.) including eye care and moisturizer; Facial make up and foundation; Make-up remover for face and eyes; Nose pore strips; Wipes or refreshing tissues for face, neck, hands, body; Body and face paint (for children and adults); Facial masks for face and around the eyes.
  • 4. Hydroalcoholic and nonhydroalcoholic fine fragrance of all types (Eau de Toilette, Parfum, Cologne, solid perfume, fragrancing cream, etc.), aftershaves of all types (except creams and balms); Fragranced bracelets; Ingredients of perfume kits and fragrance mixtures for cosmetic kits; Scent pads, foil packs; Scent strips for hydroalcoholic products.
  • 5A. Body creams, oils, lotions of all types; Foot care products (creams and powders); Insect repellent (intended to be applied to the skin); All powders and talc (excluding baby powders and talc).
  • 5B. Facial toner; Facial moisturizers and creams (including care products for beard and mustache).
  • 5C. Hand cream; Nail care products including cuticle creams, nail lacquer remover, etc.; Hand sanitizers.
  • 5D. Baby cream/lotion, baby oil, baby powders and talc.
  • 6. Toothpaste; Mouthwash, including breath sprays; Toothpowder, strips, mouthwash tablets.
  • 7A. Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (rinse-off) (e.g., relaxers), including rinse-off hair dyes.
  • 7B. Hair sprays of all types (pumps, aerosol sprays, etc.); Hair styling aids non sprays (mousse, gels, leave-on conditioners); Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (leave-on) (e.g., relaxers), including leave-on hair dyes; Shampoo – Dry (waterless shampoo); Hair deodorizer, hair perfume.
  • 8. Intimate wipes; Intimate deodorant spray; Tampons; Baby wipes; Toilet paper (wet).
  • 9. Bar soap; Shampoo of all types; Cleanser for face (rinse-off); Conditioner (rinse-off); Liquid soap; Body washes and shower gels of all types; Baby wash, bath, shampoo; Bath gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils and other products added to bathwater (such as bath bombs); Foot care products (feet are placed in a bath for soaking); Shaving creams of all types (stick, gels, foams, etc.); All depilatories (including facial) and waxes for mechanical hair removal.
  • 10A. Hand wash laundry detergent (including concentrates); Laundry pre-treatment of all types (e.g. paste, sprays, sticks); Hand dishwashing detergent (including concentrates); Hard surface cleaners of all types (bathroom and kitchen cleansers, furniture polish, etc.); Machine laundry detergents with skin contact (e.g., liquids, powders) including concentrates; Toilet seat wipes; Fabric softeners of all types excluding fabric softener sheets; Household cleaning products, other types including fabric cleaners, soft surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, furniture polishes sprays and wipes, leather cleaning wipes, stain removers, fabric enhancing sprays, treatment products for textiles (e.g., starch sprays, fabric treated with fragrances after wash, deodorizers for textiles or fabrics); Floor wax; Fragranced oil for lamp ring, reed diffusers, pot- pourri, liquid refills for air fresheners (non-cartridge systems), etc.; Ironing water (Odorized distilled water); Dry cleaning kits (involving manual application on the textile).
  • 10B. Animal sprays – sprays applied to animals of all types; Air freshener sprays, manual, including aerosol and pump; Aerosol/spray insecticides.
  • 11A. Feminine hygiene conventional pads, liners, interlabial pads; Baby diapers; Incontinence pant, pad; Toilet paper (dry).
  • 11B. Tights with moisturizers; Scented socks, gloves; Facial tissues (dry tissues); Napkins; Pillow spray; Paper towels; Wheat bags; Facial masks (paper/protective) e.g., surgical masks not used as medical device; Fertilizers, solid (pellet or powder).
  • 12. Candles of all types (including encased); Laundry detergents for machine wash with minimal skin contact (e.g. Liquid tabs, pods); Automated air fresheners and fragrancing of all types (concentrated aerosol with metered doses (range 0.05-0.5mL/spray), plug-ins, closed systems, solid substrate, membrane delivery, electrical, powders, fragrancing sachets, incense, liquid refills (cartridge), air freshening crystals, solid non aerosol car diffuser); Air delivery systems; Cat litter; Cell phone cases; Deodorizers/maskers not intended for skin contact (e.g., fabric drying machine deodorizers, carpet powders); Dry cleaning kits (placed in the dryer); Dryer sheets and fabric softener sheets; Fuels; Insecticides (e.g., mosquito coil, paper, electrical, for clothing) excluding aerosols/sprays; Joss sticks or incense sticks; Dishwash detergent and deodorizers – for machine wash; Olfactive board games; Paints; Plastic articles (excluding toys); Scratch and sniff; Scent pack; Scent delivery system (using dry air technology); Shoe polishes; Rim blocks (toilet); Toilet gel; Scent beads.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs

2oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 64oz


Bum Bum SDS

7 reviews for Bum Bum* Fragrance Oil

  1. jennie54017 (verified owner)

    Was really hoping this was strong and powerful, but this scent smells nothing like the original to me, and is extremely weak. It smells almost bitter. Glad I only bought the smallest size. I wish I could give a better review.

  2. theluvs (verified owner)

    I LOVE this scent! Both my daughter and I think it smells just like the Bum Bum cream. I used it at 3% in my cp soap recipe, and after unmolding the soap I can’t smell it at all. Very disappointing. It definitely accelerated trace! I didn’t color my soap, and put them in individual cavity molds, and had to work very fast! I even added it after emulsion. So far it hasn’t caused any discoloring. Unfortunately I bought the 8 oz bottle, so now I’m stuck with it. Maybe this would be different in a candle???

  3. brendaellendson (verified owner)

    This fragrance is so beautiful. I got it today, used it in CP soap @ 1oz. to 1 lb. I soaped at about 90 deg…and the soap became hard in my mixing container, HOWEVER, it was my own fault as there is an acceleration warning in the description; I didn’t soap at a cooler temp…and all is well as I was able to add my colorant and save my 5# batch. I noted it started to get warm, very warm and was heading toward overheating, but I am lucky my garage is cold in MN at this time and was able to set it out to cool it’s jets! I will definitely make some bath bombs with this FO…and also I will be using it again in CP but at a way cooler temp. I will also make it in my high temp hot process method. I gave 5 stars as it smells so wonderful, and it was my own fault for not heeding the acceleration warning.

  4. summernght (verified owner)

    I bought Bum Bum. I love the smell, I soap at room temp always I know this said some acceleration. For me this accelerated so fast I was digging it out of containers with my gloved hands. It got like rock

  5. summernght (verified owner)

    I tried to leave a review. It said I already did. I did not. This accelerated super fast. Got like rock in containers. Had to dig it out with gloved hands

  6. vannessalthompson (verified owner)

    I love this fragrance. I planned to use it cp soap, but the reviews about acceleration have me reconsidering. I will probably try it anyway and just heed all of the acceleration warnings.

  7. CONNIE LANIER (verified owner)

    I agree with much of what has previously been stated. The fragrance in the bottle was great. I used it at 5% in CP and can’t smell it in the finished product. Acceleration was overboard. Since the IFRA is 10% in soap I am wondering if it you could smell the fragrance in CP if you used it at 10%

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