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50mm Cube Bath Bomb Mold, 3 Piece


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It’s hip to be square with our custom 50mm Cube Bath Bomb Mold. This easy to use 3 piece bath bomb mold will allow you to make a cube shaped bath bomb. Add more material if you want a taller bomb or add less to make it shorter.

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In stock


50mm Cube Bath Bomb Mold – 3 Piece

Mold Size:

Approximately 50mm or 2 inches
Weight of finished bomb is approximately 4.25 oz

Care Instructions:

DO NOT wash in the dishwasher or in hot water. Simply wash in cold or warm water and allow to air dry. Hot water may cause the plastic to warp or melt. Do not soak the molds in warm or hot water.

We have listed an approximate weight for the finished bath bomb. The weight of your finished product may vary based on recipe, how much you pack the mold and the amount of bath bomb mix you use (bath bombs with larger Saturn rings will weigh more).

Additional information

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