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Your Favorite Candle Fragrance Oils Are Here!

Our customers tell us our soap and candle fragrance oils smell just like the real thing. Our fragrance oils are crafted using the same sourcing and high quality ingredients as the leading brands but at a fraction of the cost. If you love candles, you know how important it is to have fragrances that smell great, burn clean and are long lasting. BeScented’s customers are soap and candle makers, crafters, hobbyists and artisans who are looking for the highest quality fragrances on the market. They will tell you that fragrance oils are the foundation of a great product. Our large selection of quality fragrances for candle and soap making offers a wide choice of scents so your small business can be sucessfull!

Buy the best fragrance oils to use in your soaps, bath and body products or candle making business or projects! We have an extensive range of scents to choose from including bakery, sweet, floral, spa, holiday and traditional favorites.


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