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Are all the micas lip safe?2021-04-23T03:38:40-05:00
In the description of each color it will list if it is soap and cosmetic safe or just soap safe. Cosmetic safe colorants can be used in lip products.
Are the fragrances safe to use in wax?2021-04-23T03:38:22-05:00


Shipping rates seem a little high, how come?2021-04-23T03:38:06-05:00

For some smaller orders the shipping is a little high. But don’t worry, all shipping overages will be refunded once your order is processed and shipped. If by chance shipping was underpaid we will send you a Paypal invoice.

How soon before my order ships?2021-04-23T03:37:44-05:00

All orders are processed within 5 business days. Most always we ship within 2-3 but do not be alarmed if your order takes up to 5 days.

Shipping, Why did I pay for Priority shipping but my order is shipping ground?2021-04-23T03:36:55-05:00

Most companies ship ONLY UPS. We have decided it is in our customers’ interest to be able to ship both USPS and UPS. However, this gets pretty complicated because shopping carts can only calculate for one or the other. So we have to default our shipping charges to assume the entire order must ship ground.


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