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  • $4.00$18.50

    Mango Papaya Fragrance Oil

    Just the right combo of mangos and papaya. Tangy and Sweet. We love this one!

  • $4.00$20.00

    Lick Me All Over Type Fragrance Oil

    Creamy vanilla, juicy orange, sweet pineapple and maraschino cherry.

  • $4.00$21.50

    Lavender Mint Fragrance Oil

    A beautiful blend lavender flowers and mint leaves.

  • $4.00$16.00

    Lavender Fragrance Oil (BeScented Original)

    Smells like walking in a fresh lavender fields in full bloom.

  • $4.00$18.00

    Kumquat Fragrance Oil

    A special blend of mandarin oranges a pineapple.  Fresh and smells delicious.

  • $4.00$19.00

    Juniper Fragrance Oil

    The scent of fresh Juniper berries just picked from the tree.

  • $4.00$21.50

    It’s Karma, Baby! Fragrance Oil

    A dupe of the popular Karma by Lush type.  Patchouli, lemongrass, orange & pine.

  • $4.00$19.50

    Honey, I Washed The Kids by Lush Type Fragrance Oil

    Honey with a splash of citrus and floral notes blended with warm vanilla musk.  AAAAMAZING.

  • $4.00$18.75

    Holly Jolly Fragrance Oil

    A wintry twist of the classic Christmas floral. This scent blends notes of clean, fresh winter air, earthy leafy greens, ylang and black tea with a solid base of musk, sandalwood and fir.