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  • Canary Yellow Color

    Canary Yellow Color

    Makes a neon bright yellow in cold process soap.

  • Bright Blue Color

    Bright Blue Color

    Makes a vibrant neon blue in cold process soap.

  • blue waters

    Blue Waters Mica

    Makes a nice deep blue color in cold process soap.

  • blueskies

    Blue Skies Mica

    This color makes a beautiful light to medium blue color in cold process soap. The sparkle shows up very nice in melt and pour soap.

  • activated charcoal

    Activated Charcoal

    Activated charcoal is used in soap making to make a black color. It is also known for its detoxifying properties and is good in face masks and scrubs.

  • 11092942_1025952460751676_1597627503_n

    14k Gold Mica

  • SAM_0467Vanillary

    Vanillary Type

    Popular Lush Dupe: Vanilla, sandalwood & caramel with a touch of jasmine.   Can you say yum?

  • vanilla woods

    Vanilla Woods (aka Sandalwood Vanilla)

    The perfect combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla.

  • Twisted Lilac

    Twisted Lilac

    Just bloomed lilacs twisted with fresh roses and lily of the valley.