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  • SAM_0495Cranberry Woods Type

    Cranberry Woods Type

    A fantastic blend of red raspberry, black currant and cranberry on a base of cedar, cinnamon & warm amber.

  • 17122155_1566188226728094_688367558_oegyptian dragon

    Egyptian Dragon

    A blend of myrrh, dragons blood, & patchouli. With floral notes of rose and jasmine. On a base of woodsy musk.

  • SAM_0726SAM_0725

    Fish Silicone Mold

    Need a super cute fish mold? This mold is easy to use and made of silicone.

  • berry flirt

    French Lavender & Honey by BBW Type

    French lavender flowers sprinkled with a hint of sweet honey and musk.

  • SAM_0551Gingerbread


    Ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla

  • 61F-1GuL31L._SL1468_81nOWAClKlL._SL1500_

    Gloves Nitrile (Medium)

    Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves used for bath and body production. Box of 100.

  • Glycerin

    Glycerin – Natural

    Humectant that absorbs moisture from the air and when diluted with water will actually soften dry skin. Sold 1lb by weight

  • 17093164_1566188413394742_938801519_ohawaiian sandalwood

    Hawaiian Sandalwood

    A musky soft sandalwood, not harsh like typical sandalwood scents. This is blended with a touch of sweetness.

  • heart mold

    Heart Silicone Mold

    Share some soap love with the guest-sized soap hearts created from this silicone mold. We love using this mold for crafting Valentine’s Day inspired soaps.