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  • butt naked in bed

    Butt Naked in Bed Fragrance Oil

    A frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk.

    2 fl. oz

  • SAM_0546Candy Apple Type

    Candy Apple Type

    This fragrance is a dupe of the ever favorite Bath and Body Works scent Winter Candy Apple. Sweet apples with a hint of orange and light musk. It is a must have!

  • Caribbean Blue Glitter

    Caribbean Blue Glitter

    Caribbean Blue! Need we say more about how pretty this glitter is? 2oz jar.

  • caribbean coconut

    Caribbean Coconut Fragrance Oil

    A tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla that's the perfect summer escape.

    2 fl. oz.

  • red40 bath bomb color

    Certified Bath Bomb Color (FD&C Red No 40)

  • new bath bomb colors

    Certified Bath Bomb Colors (Introductory Price!)

    Straight lake bath bomb colors.

  • SAM_0340cherry almond

    Cherry Almond Fragrance Oil

    A very strong bright Cherry scent.

  • chocolate brown mica

    Chocolate Brown Mica

    Chocolate Brown Mica Powder is a shimmering brown cosmetic powder that is safe for coloring cosmetics. This brown color complements chocolate or dirt fragrances perfectly.

    2oz jar.

    This is a Crafters Choice Colorant.

  • citrus set

    Citrus Essential Oil Sampler Kit

    This item cannot ship with BeScented items. Please see the Crafters Choice program tab for more info