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  • yellow pet canary mica

    Yellow Pet Canary Mica

    Yellow Pet Canary Mica Powder is a shimmering yellow cosmetic powder. It can be used in soap, and creates a beautiful light yellow color, a similar hue as seen in a singing pet canary.

    2oz jar.

    This is a Crafters Choice Colorant.

  • SAM_0543Honeysuckle


    Honeysuckle blended with light florals and white musk.

  • Sparkle Baby Blue Bath Bomb ColorSparkle bomb color collage

    Sparkle Bath Bomb Colors

    All the colors needed for fantastic bath bombs! Gives a light sparkle and shimmer to your bath bombs.

  • SAM_0455Lavender Cucumber

    Lavender Cucumber

    A beautiful blend of Lavender flowers, crisp cucumbers and fresh sage.

  • SAM_0497China Rain

    China Rain

    A fresh clean scent. Notes of leafy greens, floral and musk.

  • SAM_0456Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla

    Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla

    Remember when you were a kid and you got the first taste of Juicy Fruit bubble gum? Well this fragrance will take you back to those days.

  • SAM_0453Pink Sugarplum

    Pink Sugarplum

    A tantalizing blend of sugared plum, sparkling tangerine & vanilla musk.

  • SAM_0372Flowerbomb

    Flowerbomb Type

    Fresh Floral with citrus and vanilla musk

  • new bath bomb molds

    Bath Bomb Molds (NEW)

    3 sizes to choose from!