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Wooden Wick Candle University Facebook Group

Want to learn how to make your own soy wooden wick candles? Come learn with Jen who has made 1000’s of candles herself and successfully wholesales and retails everyone’s favorite candles.

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When Jen first started making candles, she spent about $500 on wasted supplies and countless hours experimenting and finally came up with the right combination of supplies. Since then she has received 100’s of requests for her magic!

WWCU is a private Facebook group devoted 100% to learning how to make soy candles with wooden wicks. For $99, you will gain unlimited access to videos, tutorials, and troubleshooting.

Supplies will be available on BeScented.com around the end of July for purchase. We are anticipating kicking off the group on August 1. Until then, there will be no content or instruction provided.

Once you pay your membership fee on BeScented.com, search for “BeScented’s Wooden Wick Candle Making University” on Facebook. When prompted, please enter your invoice number. Once we have confirmed payment, you are in!

There are strictly no refunds on the membership fee.