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Soap Making Starter Kit

The perfect starter kit for any soap maker.

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Included in this kit:
(1) 2lb Silicon Mold
(1) 2lb Sodium Hydroxide
(1) 1lb Coconut Oil
(1) 1lb Cocoa Butter Refined & Deodorized
(1) 1lb Shea Butter Natural
(1) 1lb Rice Bran Oil
(1) 1lb Water Titanium Dioxide
(1) 16oz empty TD bottle
Mica starter set: (1oz each) Red Raspberry Mica, Orange Color, Green Apple Mica, Blue Skies Mica, Magic Purple Mica, Goldenrod Mica.
(1) Spatula set, 1 Large & 1 small spatula
(1) 1lb Sodium Lactate

*Other items you may need that are not included in the kid if you are just starting out are:
Lye safe pitchers
Thermometer (optional)
Wood Mold (optional)

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Weight 11 lbs