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Rewards Program

BeScented is rolling out a rewards program!!! It will be based off of your current order. You do not have to accumulate points. Rewards are shipped with your orders!!!

Once your order totals $60, $120, $200 or $300 (before shipping) you get to chose from a variety of AWESOME free items. The best thing is that the rewards are cumulative! So if you order $200, you get to pick a reward from the $60 category, the $120 category AND the $200 category. Pretty cool is if you ask me!

If you place a $300 order, you can earn free items up to approximately a $45 retail value!

THE FINE PRINT: To qualify for Free items your order total must meet the minimum before shipping and after all sales or discounts are applied. Free Rewards Items are based on availability at the time of your order. If an item is out of stock, we will not offer a rain check. Pick another item in that category. The rewards program may be discontinued without notice. The items offered as free rewards may change without notice. If you DO NOT add the items to your order before you check out, WE CANNOT add them to your order after the fact. This helps us be efficient in shipping EVERYONE’S orders and keeps inventory accurate. If you are able to hack or bypass the rewards program and you order items that are not earned by your order, we reserve the right to only ship what you have earned.