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  • SAM_0467Vanillary

    Vanillary Type

    Popular Lush Dupe: Vanilla, sandalwood & caramel with a touch of jasmine.   Can you say yum?

  • vanilla woods

    Vanilla Woods (aka Sandalwood Vanilla)

    The perfect combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla.

  • Twisted Lilac

    Twisted Lilac

    Just bloomed lilacs twisted with fresh roses and lily of the valley.

  • Total Seduction

    Total Seduction

    A tantalizing blend of musk, floral bouquet, apples and fresh citrus. Fantastic dupe of the ever popular Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret.

  • The Olive Branch Type

    The Olive Branch Type

    The is a must have!!  Orange and lemon with a light musk and faint vanilla sent.

  • Placeholder

    The Comforter Type

    Orange, bergamot, soft floral tones, clove & cinnamon with a splash of patchouli, topped off by a touch of vanilla and musk.

  • Sultana

    Sultana by Lush type

    A burst of lemon creates a fresh accent for this fruity floral blend. Sweet strawberry balances with floral tones of rose and a hint of lavender as accents of ginger add a creative touch. Undertones of rare woods and a hint of musk.

  • Suit & Tie

    Suit & Tie

    Blood rose and wild geraniums blended with seductive notes of bergamot and gold amber.

  • Strawberry Patch

    Strawberry Patch

    Fresh cut strawberries with leafy greens.