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  • SAM_0730SAM_0729

    Apple Silicone Mold

    Perfect for embeds!

  • SAM_0728SAM_0727

    Bananas Silicone Mold

    Great size for embeds!

  • SAM_0726SAM_0725

    Fish Silicone Mold

    Need a super cute fish mold? This mold is easy to use and made of silicone.

  • heart mold

    Heart Silicone Mold

    Share some soap love with the guest-sized soap hearts created from this silicone mold. We love using this mold for crafting Valentine’s Day inspired soaps.

  • SAM_0724SAM_0723

    Pineapple Silicone Mold

    Super cute mold. Great for embeds!

  • SAM_0400SAM_0399

    Tall & Skinny Silicone Loaf Mold

    Makes a great tall skinny bar of soap.

  • 10965787_10205866761418427_2047019886_n

    Velcro for Silicone Loaf Mold

    This is a add on for our new long silicone molds. Simple and easy solution if your mold should slightly bow when filled.

    Measures: 8″

  • 10961695_994691133877809_1331638724_n

    Strawberry Silicone Mold

    This super cute strawberry mold is the same molds you have seen me use in my videos.

  • sheep

    Sheep Silicone Mold

    This is a super cute mold of a complete sheep.