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  • coconut cream

    Coconut Cream – Sweetened Flavor Oil

    Creamy top notes blend perfectly with sweet vanilla coconut milk to produce this exotic tropical delight.

  • droppers

    Plastic Dropper

    Perfect for measuring small amounts of liquid. These disposable droppers should only be used once thus reducing your chances of contaiminating products with bacteria, yeast or fungus. Holds 3ml. Markings at 1, 2, 3 ml.

  • strawberry sorbet flavor oil

    Strawberry Sorbet – Sweetened Flavor Oil

    A juicy combination of fresh picked strawberries with a hint of sugar and a twist of citrus.

  • 9709-Crafters-Choice-Vanilla-Flavor-Oil-1

    Vanilla – Sweetened Flavor Oil

    A classic, creamy flavor with hints of mellow sweetness and fresh creamy goodness.

  • wild grape flavor oil

    Wild Grape – Sweetened Flavor Oil

    Candy concord grapes makes up this classic favorite.

  • 11160552_10206402844620172_1283156432_n

    Menthol Crystals

    2oz bag. These are great additions to lip balm, lotions, salves etc. Give a cool tingling sensation.

  • Lip balm tubes

    Lip Balm Tubes w/Caps

    Round tubes with caps.

  • white beeswax

    Beeswax Pastilles (White)

    Our beeswax comes in the easy to use pastilles. Very easy to measure the amount needed and melts much faster then large chunks.