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  • SAM_0546Candy Apple Type

    Candy Apple Type

    This fragrance is a dupe of the ever favorite Bath and Body Works scent Winter Candy Apple. Sweet apples with a hint of orange and light musk. It is a must have!

  • SAM_0495Cranberry Woods Type

    Cranberry Woods Type

    A fantastic blend of red raspberry, black currant and cranberry on a base of cedar, cinnamon & warm amber.

  • SAM_0551Gingerbread


    Ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla

  • SAM_0490Jack Frost

    Jack Frost Type

    Peppermint and a hint of spearmint blend with a spicy accord of cinnamon and clove and winter berries

  • SAM_0547Marshmallow Fireside Type

    Marshmallow Fireside Type

    This fragrance is like eating toasted marshmallows by a warm fire along with a creamy vanilla latte and crackling woody notes describes this exotic blend.

  • SAM_0550Mistletoe Type

    Mistletoe Type

    This scent reminds me of a fresh wreath hanging on your door. It smells like holidays to me. A great green scent. Pine trees, mistletoes and more.

  • SAM_0553Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel Type

    A combination of sweet coconut, caramelized sugar and silky caramel vanilla.

  • SAM_0469Twisted Peppermint

    Twisted Peppermint

    Sweet peppermint blends together with sugar, vanilla, musk and  balsams to make this all time favorite scent.

  • SAM_0451Vanilla Bean Noel

    Vanilla Bean Noel Type

    Vanilla, sweet cream, caramel, benzoin, chocolate on a base of soft musk, & sugar cookie.