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  • $17.95

    Lavandin EO- Certified 100% Pure

    Floral and herbaceous. Very similar to lavender but with a slightly stronger aroma.

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  • $23.95

    Lavender 30/32 EO- Certified 100% Pure

    The floral and herbaceous aroma of a field of lavender. Slightly sweeter that Lavender (40/42).

    2 fl. oz.

  • $21.95

    Lavender Bulgarian EO- Certified 100% Pure

    2 fl. oz.

  • $8.95

    Lemongrass EO- Certified 100% Pure

    A refreshing bright zip of lemon with notes of green.

    2 fl. oz.

  • $9.95

    Litsea Cubeba EO- Certified 100% Pure

    Slight sweet, fresh lemon zing.

    Blending Suggestions:
    Citronella, Orange, Tangerine, Lavender, Lavandin.

    2 fl. oz.

  • $14.95

    Mother Earth – Certified 100% Natural

    This outstanding blend hits all of Mother Nature's fines essential oils including bergamot, cassia root, cedarwood, nutmeg, lavadin, and peppermint

    2 oz bottle.

  • $15.95

    Peppermint (Redist) EO – Certified 100% Pure

    Cool minty fresh aroma of peppermint. Reminiscent of candy canes.

    Blending Suggestions:
    Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Mints.

    2 fl. oz.