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  • unnamed

    Turquoise Green Mica

    The perfect mix between green and blue.

  • sea foam

    Sea Foam Green Mica

    A light foamy green.

  • rosebud

    Rosebud Mica

    Think of a new baby pink rose bud about to bloom.

  • wild strawberry

    Red Raspberry Mica

    This color is not red. More of the color of raspberries and strawberries.

  • pig pink

    Pink Pig Mica

    Pink pig mica reminds me of the pink skin on little baby piglet! Just makes a very soft light flesh pink color.

  • pine mica

    Pine Mica

    Pine leaves and just that deep green make up this color. Makes me think of the holidays.

  • new pennies

    New Pennies Mica

    A shiny new penny is what you will think of with this gorgeous mica.

  • magic yellow

    Magic Yellow Mica

    This mica has it's name for a reason. When added to cold process soap it will turn a gorgeous shade of orange. But shortly after will start to turn back to yellow. After 24 hours this color will be yellow. But beware that you will have a lovely shade of orange in the beginning.

  • purple haze

    Magic Purple Mica

    The perfect purple for cold process soap!