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  • Caribbean Blue Glitter

    Caribbean Blue Glitter

    Caribbean Blue! Need we say more about how pretty this glitter is? 2oz jar.

  • iridescent glitter

    Iridescent Super Sparkle Glitter

    One of our all time favorite glitters, Iridescent sparkle goes with anything!! 2oz jar.

  • Jet Black Glitter

    Jet Black Glitter

    Need a glitter for a man soap? Or a dark and smoky soap? This is the glitter for you, a beautiful deep jet black. 2oz jar.

  • Lilac Purple Glitter

    Lilac Purple Glitter

    The perfect purple glitter! 2oz jar.

  • Marigold glitter

    Marigold Yellow Glitter

    Marigold Yellow Glitter consists of aluminum free, precision cut polyester particles. Resistent to solvents, water, UV rays. Max temp exposure 350º F. Not recommended for eye contact. Size: .008″.

  • Turquoise Green Glitter

    Turquoise Green Glitter

    A beautiful been of blue and green come together to make this glitter stunning!! Each jar is 2oz in weight.

  • received_m_mid_1411170297368_58f1c2f3a2ea635574_0

    Ruby Red Slipper Glitter

    The name says it all. This is a gorgeous red glitter.

  • puffer bottle

    Puffer Bottle

    The ONLY way to apply glitter to your soaps!

  • Mini Glitter Funnel

    Mini Glitter Funnel

    The perfect mini funnel for all those small tasks.