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Exciting News @ BeScented.com

As most of you know BeScented has been an authorized distributor for Crafter’s Choice products for a few years. Crafter’s Choice is the leading distributor of supplies to creators of handmade bath and body products. They offer us access to over 3000+ products. BeScented is pleased to be their partner.

This is awesome and amazing all rolled into one. Can I get a “Whoop, Whoop?” As BeScented grows and we want to be able to offer you access to more and more of the best Crafter’s Choice products, we are excited to roll out our drop ship program.

What does this mean for you? This program will give you access to a much larger variety of quality products, from fragrance oils, essential oils to oils and butters to colorants and molds.

How will this work? We have a special section on BeScented.com devoted to the Crafter’s Choice products. You will place an order on our website and it will be processed within 1-3 business days. These orders will be shipped ground in the Continental United States only. At this time we are unable to ship Crafter’s Choice orders outside of the country or to APO/Territories/Canada/Puerto Rico/ Alaska/Hawaii, etc.

I placed a Crafter’s Choice order and got a notice that my order was on hold. What happened? Sometimes products are sold out before we can update the website. While this is rare, we will process as soon as all products are in stock and available to be shipped.

How much is shipping? We are excited that this program will offer FREE SHIPPING. Crafter’s Choice products are priced with shipping included in the purchase price.

Will I get a refund for any shipping overage like BeScented ordered? No. BeScented charges you shipping for ground shipping. When we are able to ship your order priority or USPS ground, we refund the difference. We have built the cost of the shipping into the cost of the Crafter’s Choice products. We are unable to ship Crafter’s Choice products via USPS/Priority Mail.

Will I get tracking information for my Crafter’s Choice orders? Not directly. If you sign up for a UPS My Choice Account and use the same name that you do on your orders, UPS will send you shipping updates automatically. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of orders, BeScented will not be able to send your tracking information and highly suggest creating a UPS account from the link below. If you have questions on the UPS My Choice account, please contact UPS.


What is the minimum order for Crafters Choice orders? $50. All products in your shopping cart must have “Crafters Choice” in front of the product. All Crafters Choice items will also be in their own category on the website.

What is the minimum order for BeScented? It will remain $30

Does the BeScented Rewards program work with Crafters Choice orders? Good news is YES, for now. However, if a reward item is out of stock, we will substitute it with another item from that category at our discretion. We reserve the right to discontinue the rewards program at any point, without notice.

If I place one order from BeScented for $60 and another from Crafters Choice for $120, are the rewards cumulative across both orders? No, not at this time.

Can I combine BeScented products with Crafters Choice products into one order? No. Items marked on the website that being with Crafter’s Choice (Crafter’s Choice Lavender Essential Oil for example) must be placed in a separate order from BeScented’s products. You can place one order for $30 or more from BeScented and one for $50 from the Crafter’s Choice section. Keep in mind, shipping is free on the Crafter’s Choice order.

Is there a special processing fee for any of my orders? No, not at this time.

The website let me place a Crafters Choice order for $30. Why did you cancel it and refund my money? One of the technical challenges in setting up this program is that the website will only allow us to have one minimum ($30) and is unable to differentiate between the two brand names.

We will cancel your order and encourage you to place a new order hitting the $50 minimum.

As we grow this year and move into our new building, we hope to be able to stock more Crafter’s Choice products in house so that we are able to combine Crafter’s Choice products with BeScented orders.

I’m confused. I ordered kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal from BeScented and got Crafter’s Choice products. We have been offering Crafter’s Choice products for a while and will continue to do so. However, we have a much larger variety of products available from Crafter’s Choice that can be drop shipped.

Will you offer all of the Crafter’s Choice items? Not at this time. We will constantly be adding new products every week. Make sure you are in our Facebook group where we will announce new items. We are focusing on fragrances, essential oils and colorants and will look to expand.

What is Jen most excited about? Jen is THRILLED to be able to offer such a vast and diverse selection of amazing fragrance and essential oils. You can never have too many smells! And Jen will be able to offer her AMAZING Wood Wick Soy Candles with more fragrance options.